Cop quits after home camera shows he lied about confrontation with driver

Colt Black, a police officer in Lake Wales, Florida, arrested driver Chris Cordero after a traffic stop and claimed in his report that Cordero "charged" at him with closed fists. Fortunately for Cordero, footage from a doorbell cam at a nearby home proved the cops were lying: it was in fact Black and another officer, Travis Worley, who menaced and assaulted Cordero.

Cordero was charged with resisting arrest, assault on a law enforcement officer and making a death threat to a law enforcement officer. When he bonded out of jail the next day, he went door to door in the neighborhood until he found the footage. After Cordero shared the footage with police, Officer Black wrote in another report, "I believe my perception was altered due to the high stress of the incident." Lake Wales attorney Sara Jones forwarded the video to the Polk County State's Attorney's Office, which immediately dropped the charges.

Black quit the force and Worley is on "station duty. Both men have a history of internal "investigations" triggered by public complaints over misconduct including an unauthorized pursuit, and racial slurs.