Cargo ship stuck in Suez canal took a route that resembles genitalia

There is a gigantic container ship that's remains run aground and is currently blocking the Suez Canal. After closer inspection of the ship's GPS tracking it seems that the route taken by the quarter-mile long vessel named MV Ever Given, drew out a dick, balls and ass in the Red Sea. The same Red Sea of the Bible and the one that Moses parted to get his people to safety. Dick, balls and ass in the Red Sea. Come on!

via HuffPost:

Disinformation researcher John Scott-Railton suggested the X-rated route of the boat ― which is traveling from China to Rotterdam ― was not intentional, describing it on Twitter as "innocent, but terrible luck."

Terrible luck? That captain accidentally took a phallic, testicular and gluteus route by happenstance? Like most juvenile stunts gone wrong, I think dude thought it would be funny to show his other little seamen buddies what he drew with his boat in the Red Sea via GPS tracking. He got blown off course, ran aground and now has to deal with this embarrassment. But I do give respect for the artistic and comedic expression of it all.