Stabbing victim lived for a year not knowing the blade was still in his chest

More than a year ago, 36-year-old Kent Ryan Tomao, 36, of Kidapawan, the Philippines, was stabbed during a mugging. Turns out, doctors sewed him up and prescribed painkillers but didn't remove the knife blade from his chest. Recently, he underwent an unrelated X-ray and was surprised by what the film showed. From Metro:

Kent said: 'I always wondered why I felt pain in my chest when the weather was cold. But I had no idea there is a knife in my chest. 'The pain was never bad enough to even go to see a doctor. I just waited for the pain to pass. Now I'm relieved that I know the real problem.'[…]

The hopeful miner has no plans to take any action against the hospital that treated him ā€“ but will return next month to demand doctors rectify the problem as he can't afford the operation by himself.

He said: 'The doctors did not check my wounds properly last year so I believe they are partly at fault about what happened. They should fix this.'