Watch the trailer for Chuck Tingle's new trans-positive adult Harry Potter parody

Trans Wizard Harriet Porber And The Theater Of Love is the second book in the adult wizard romance series by Hugo-nominated erotica author and highly acclaimed human being Chuck Tingle, which pits the eponymous trans wizard against the evil corporation of JK Rowling Recreation. Here's the synopsis:

Trans wizard Harriet Porber should be riding high after crafting one of the most powerful spells of all time, a magical effect that brings you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Unfortunately, once unleashed upon the world, this spell causes nothing but chaos and is promptly banned. Blacklisted from the wizarding community, Harriet moves to Las Vegas with her bad boy parasaurolophus husband, Snabe, moping around while Snabe performs a musical residency.

But things change when the couple realize another book is starting, a sequel, and soon enough Harriet is rediscovering her love of magic with the help of old friends and mysterious new arrivals. Now Harriet is ready to stage her comeback magic show, affectionally titled The Theater of Love.

Of course, this plan is easier said than done. A mega corporation named Just Kidding Recreation holds sway over all Las Vegas entertainment, using lawsuits and intimidation to squash the competition, and while a hypnotist serpent named The Great Magini insists she's there to help, it quickly becomes apparent her plans are much more sinister.

Can trans wizard Harriet Porber thwart the dastardly plots of JK Recreation and The Great Magini? Maybe not on her own, but with a group of likeminded friends by her side, Harriet is about to discover the fourth-wall breaking strength of whole communities speaking truth to power and standing up against hate in the name of love.

It's not clear if you need to read Trans Wizard Harriet Porber And The Bad Boy Parasaurolophus: An Adult Romance Novel first in order to follow the storyline of The Theater Of Love. But hey, you may as well, right?