The story behind the US Strategic Command's gibberish tweet

On Sunday, the US Strategic Command tweeted ";l;;gmlxzssaw" and deleted the post shortly after. What did it mean? The US Strategic Command's mission "is to deter strategic attack and employ forces, as directed, to guarantee the security of our Nation and our Allies." Is ";l;;gmlxzssaw" an encrypted message? A launch code for a nuclear missile? Nope. Just a child banging on the keyboard. Or that's what they'd like us to think, anyway.

Mikael Thalen at the Daily Dot filed a Freedom of Information Act request and the US Strategic Command responded in record time. From their FOIA response:

The Command's Twitter manager, while in a telework status, momentarily left the Command's Twitter account open and unattended. His very young child took advantage of the situation and started playing with the keys and unfortunately, and unknowingly, posted the tweet. Absolutely nothing nefarious occurred, i.e., no hacking of our Twitter account. The post was discovered and notice to delete it occurred telephonically.