Dilbert cartoonist says "everything wrong with the country" is due to "batshit crazy" women's desire for "additional sperm"

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, provided an explanation of "everything wrong with the country" in a single tweet. According to Adams, the issues aren't related to wealth disparity, climate issues, healthcare availability, racial discrimination, immigration, political division, infrastructure problems, or educational debt. Instead, he attributes the problems to women's pursuit of "additional sperm."

"We think we're divided by race and politics, but that's not it," he said in his tweet. "The real issue is a dysfunctional mating system (marriage)," he tweeted.

Adams believes that when mating strategies work, men and women focus on finding partners, leading to biological contentment. "But when mating strategies fail — for a variety of social reasons, like now — men become dangerous, and women become batshit crazy, starting to defend DEI and open borders and anything else that increases the odds of women being around additional sperm."

Adams explained that what appears as a Democrat versus Republican conflict is actually the result of a failed mating system. This failure has "turned Democrats into the woman party and Republicans into the man party." Democrat men are "pleasers," aligning with single women to boost their mating prospects. Conversely, Republican women tend to support their defenders, "which is also a good mating strategy."

Adams viewpoint is based on pure logic, of course, and unrelated to his own unsuccessful marriage history.

Adams has been beating this drum for a while. Here's an exchange from 2022 between Adams and a commenter who took issue with his claim that all men are primed for violence: