"Ordinary Sacramento," a photo series honoring hometown listlessness

Enoch Ku is a Sacramento-based photographer that is perfectly capturing the liminal space found all over the city in his series called "Ordinary Sacramento". 

Sacramento is the sixth largest city of California and the capital, but if you ask anyone from there (me included), it feels so "small-town" that it can be smothering. 

The familiarity of Ku's photos take me back to endless first days of school, babysitting myself on summer days, wandering through apartment complexes, and pointless parking lot hangouts. A time when every moment felt "in transition."

This is not the Sacramento you'll find in the Academy award-winning Lady Bird, which confined itself to literally one upscale neighborhood dubbed the "Fabulous Forties." This is randomly planted rows of Italian Cypress trees, and muted-colored duplexes, and a lot of things in disrepair waiting to be fixed and photographed to capture its perfection. But of course, I am biased.