Radio host Ben Shapiro compares standing in long voting lines to Disneyland

Conservative AM radio host Ben Shapiro says Georgia's new voter suppression law is nothing like Jim Crow laws, and to say so is "an outright lie." He can't understand why limiting ballot drop boxes is racist. (Guess in which neighborhoods those boxes will disappear.) He then goes on to say that "voter suppression doesn't involve long lines any more than long lines at Disneyland are ride suppression." Yes, he does say that.

He doesn't mention, however, that at Disneyland you can be given food and drinks in line, unlike Georgia's new law, which prohibits such a basic need when you're spending what could take hours of your time. He also doesn't mention that the long lines at Disneyland involve everyone, not just cherry picked neighborhoods, and that the people standing in line at Disneyland don't have a job they're supposed to be at on that same day. Ben sums it up with: "You know what voter suppression is? Voter suppression is where you don't get to vote." Yes, exactly Ben. That's what we're talking about.