The first reported case of triphallia (triple penis) in a human

A baby in Iraq was born with three penises, says International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. It's the first ever recorded instance. According to the report, the extra penises were removed and the baby is doing fine.

A 3-month-old child presented because of left side hydrocele. There were evidence of two supernumerary penises in the perineum, the first one was about 2 cm in length with a glans and was attached to the root of the penis, and the third one was about 1 cm and was below the scrotum. Hydrocelectomy was performed. The two supernumerary penises were extending to perineal region and were attached to original penis, both had corpora cavernosum and spongiosum with no urethra inside. Both supernumerary penises were excised and both corpora were sutured with a fine slowly absorbable suture material. The patient was discharged with no postoperative events and follow up was done for one years with no reported adverse events.

One out of 5–6 million babies are born with "supernumerary penises," and until now "supernumerary" has meant two.

In 2013 a man with two functioning penises did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit and included links to photographs. He also wrote a book entitled Double Header: My Life with Two Penises.