GARGOYLES is making a comeback as a new board game

Gargoyles was one of those 90s kids cartoons that was so much better than it had any right to be, with wildly detailed word building and complex storylines of corporate sabotage and Shakespearean grandeur and also a bunch of badass living gargoyles, trapped in stone hundreds of years ago and brought back to life in modern day (read: 90s) New York. If you're not familiar, the 78-episode series is available on Disney+. It still holds up.

Despite its high quality and beloved legacy, Gargoyles has somehow escaped the Hollywood trend of rebooting familiar 90s properties to cash in on nostalgia — for better, or for worse, depending on who you ask. But reports that it is coming back as a new Target-exclusive board game from Ravenburger called "Gargoyles: Awakening." They write:

The game comes with four scenarios based on classic Gargoyles episodes, each of which comes with its own challenges. In "Reawakening," players face off against Xanatos and Demona to save Coldstone's mind. In "Temptation and Magic," Demona has stolen the Grimorum Arcanorum and uses the book's magic to enslave innocents. Players must collect three stolen data disks in "Information Warfare." Finally, in "Battle with the Steel Clan," one player takes the role of Xanatos and the Steel Clan and tries to either defeat a hero or destroy the police tower while the other players (as the Gargoyles) try to defeat Xanatos.

"As a beloved story with a passionate fanbase, Gargoyles is a perfect fit for our catalog," says Florian Baldenhofer, Executive Vice President at Ravensburger North America. "Our team has wanted to create an immersive Gargoyles game for years, and with the resurgence of interest thanks to Disney+, there's never been a better time to feature it."

The "Gargoyles: Awakening" Board Game will be released on August 1, so you can finally get some of that 90s nostalgia back.