Monopoly and Scrabble have a new merger on the table

According to, Monopoly, and Scrabble are joining forces to create another board game you can fight about during the holidays. 

It's hard to single out a specific moment in HBO's masterful dramedy Succession that stands head and shoulders above the rest, as the entire series is replete with a litany of memorable scenes. However, there's one scene from season three that stuck out as a subtle, character-defining moment for the entire Roy family. Toward the end of the season, we watch the Roys play Monopoly, and Shiv claims that "everyone cheats in Monopoly." 

Every family has their own set of house rules for Monopoly, and more often than not, they can reveal aspects of a family's inner dynamic. Of course, the Roys sanction cheating in their house rules; that's on-brand for them. If your family puts money on free parking, they're probably focused on fun and fair play. And if your family puts Scrabble pieces on the Monopoly board, you're probably a bunch of alcoholics. Sorry, I don't make the rules here; the people at Parker Brothers do.

We're getting an official crossover between two of the biggest board games of all time. Winning Move Games USA has announced Monopoly Scrabble, a new board game that combines Hasbro's two biggest board game franchises. According to the description of the game, players will build words on a Scrabble board in order to move their Monopoly piece along a Monopoly track that covers the edge of the playing board. Players win by accumulating wealth on the Monopoly side of the game, with the player with the most wealth (either with hard cash or through property value) declared as the winner. 

Due to the limited number of moves allowed by the Scrabble board, it seems that Monopoly Scrabblewon't linger for hours as one player builds an ever-growing portfolio of properties on the way to super-wealth while the other properties are forced into debt and are faced with the prospect that one unlucky move or Chance card could push them into bankruptcy.