The new season of pandemic parody HOME OFFICE puts the "fun" in funemployment

At the start of COVID life in March 2020, my friends John J. King and Ramona Rose King decided to create a weekly web series riffing on The Office — except this time, it would be Home Office, since, well, everyone is stuck working from home. Even the The Boston Globe celebrated the Kings' delightful caricatured versions of themselves as a newly married couple trying to learn how to turn their tiny apartment into a shared work space.

They're back now for a second season featuring 5 episodes that are each around six minutes, and deal with a whole new set of pandemic challenges: moving to a new city and finding a job at the weirdest time imaginable. Also (SPOILER!) the consequences of unprotected sex.

You can watch both seasons in under an hour. Together, they tell a sweet, funny story about the last year that is all too relatable, in all its embarrassing weirdness.