Meet the man who shipped himself overseas in a wooden crate

In 1965, Brian Robson of Cardiff, Wales was stuck in Melbourne, Australia, working at a job he hated, terribly homesick, and lacking the cash to get a ticket home. So with the assistance of two friends, he was packed into a 36" x 36" x 24" wooden crate and shipped air freight to London. Somehow, he lived. Now Robson has written a book about his journey and is searching for the kind fellows who helped him in his "Crate Escape." From the BBC News:

He was meant to fly direct to London but freight was diverted on a much slower route via Los Angeles. Brian soon realised that just because a crate said "this side up" did not mean anyone paid attention.

When the plane landed first in Sydney, he was left in his box standing on his head for 22 hours in excruciating pain and suffering blackouts.

"I was in the crate for five days and ended up in a freight shed. I thought I was in London," he said[…]

"I heard voices saying: 'What's going on there?'

"That's when I realised two men were not speaking with English accents, they had American accents.

"One of them looked through a hole in a wood knot in the chest and we caught each other eye to eye.