A four-year-old took his mom's car for a joyride, crashed it into two parked cars

A barefoot four-year-old managed to sneak out his mother's keys and take her car for a spin in the town of Utrecht, Netherlands. But his big-boy adventure ended when he crashed into two parked cars. The tot, wearing pajamas, then wandered away from the scene unscathed and was fortunately found by a helpful stranger who called the police.

From Daily Beast:

The child was taken to the police station in Utrecht, where he was given chocolate and a teddy bear as he recounted taking the vehicle and hitting two parked cars, which he then led them back to. Police then traced the car and called the boy's mother, who described him as a "resourceful" child, police wrote in an Instagram post.

How the little guy managed to reach the clutch and gas pedal is anyone's guess.

You can read more details (with a translator if need be) on the politie_utrechtnoorde Instagram page: