Gay TikTok stars lay out the difference between performing drag and being trans

With 180,00 YouTube subscribers and counting, Cooper and Luca Coyle came out to their mother in viral video back in 2018. Since then, they've made a name for themselves as Sugar and Spice – their drag alter-egos.

Described as "early 2000s teen fashion dolls brought to life… basically the low budget Mary Kate and Ashley of drag", they currently have a cumulative 3.5 million TikTok followers, and in a recent video, they recently responded to the question: are they trans?

Cooper said: "No, we identify as men, and we dress up… however you want to call this mess."

Luca added: "Basically what you're trying to say is, we're drag queens."

via Pink News

Luca explained the difference by saying: "Drag is an art form or a hobby that someone can do. Being trans is who someone is."

"Every day we decide to get up into this geesh and look this crazy, but when you're trans there's not a choice," Cooper said.

Luca explained: "Drag for us is a character, it's an alter-ego. We take this wig off at the end of the night. But for trans people, it's not for fun."

Cooper jumped in: "This isn't Hannah Montana for them, this is who they are."

The twins said together: "Once we start accepting that and educating ourselves, and not judging and not discriminating, the world will be a better place."

via Pink News

Along with the TikTok, the twins commented: "Also, drag is for EVERYONE (that includes trans women and men, and cis women too)."