Ami Yamato, one of YouTube's longest-running vloggers, isn't real

Granted, you could say that most vloggers – online content creators who record their lives to post online – aren't real by definition. The numbers game of YouTube means that making your life look as interesting and engaging as possible, even under false pretenses, is always the best move to make. Ami Yamato, however, takes this to another level.

Whether it's a means to take the piss out of vlog culture or just an avenue of artistic expression, Yamato has amassed a sizeable following over her 12-year career by vlogging not as herself, but a 3D-animated avatar. It might sound like a gimmick, but seeing said avatar exist in the real world and interact with real people (mostly doing cool stuff either around Tokyo or London) is as strange as it is impressive.

Of note, Yamato predates the similar, more recent trend of Vtubing, making her a pioneer in this specific online space… but sadly without the recognition to match. Almost more impressive is her staunch refusal to acknowledge the gimmick, simply describing herself as making "normal videos".