Tattle Life, the latest worst place on the web

Sarah Manavis wrote about Tattle Life, a surprisingly nasty forum where people gather to insult and tear down UK internet celebrities, influencers, bloggers and other easy targets. It sounds like a smarmy counterpart to Kiwi Farms spun off from British tabloid culture instead of American chan culture, and is "the most toxic place on the internet."

Although Tattle Life is relatively unknown among the general public, for the individuals whose lives are constantly scrutinised by its users – or "gossipers" – it is a daily nightmare. You'd struggle to find a UK influencer who hasn't looked in horror at their own thread – which are, in some cases, updated every couple of minutes. Of the influencers I spoke to, none was willing to have their real name shared (and some asked not to be quoted), fearing the inevitable backlash they'd receive on Tattle Life. 

"I'm sure they'll work out it's me in the end," one influencer, who asked to remain anonymous, told me. "But at least [anonymity] is a measure to stop them from realising and tearing me apart."