Batman guards police station in Everett, Washington

In October, thieves in Everett, Washington smashed the window of a comic book store and swiped a 4.5 foot Funko Pop! statue of Batman. Since then, Everett Police detective Adam Gage has relentlessly investigated the case hoping to locate this idol honoring the Dark Knight who, of course, made his debut in Detective Comics. Almost six months later, Gage found Batman. As the comic shop has already been paid by their insurance company for the loss, their policy apparently precludes them from retrieving the statue. So for now, Batman stands guard at the police station. From Q13Fox:

The break came when a man contacted Everett Police after he purchased the statue from a man in Lynnwood who was selling items out of a van. Detective Gage says the crook cut off the Funko base to try to disguise Batman. He has some scuffs and scratches on him, but is otherwise okay[…]

Detective Gage says he has identified a 'person of interest' and is continuing to investigate both suspects. They are working to gather enough evidence to send to the prosecutor's office for criminal charges.