The 'Darth Vader in his Sith hot tub' Funko Pop

Meditation chamber?? That’s a classic Sith hot tub.

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Bill Nye the Funko Pop!

A personal hero, Bill Nye is now available as a Funko Pop!

This one goes next to my Mr. Rogers.

Funko Pop! AD Icons: Bill Nye - Bill Nye The Science Guy via Amazon Read the rest

This is it! This is the big one! The Fred Sanford FunkoPop!

Truly one of the greatest television shows of all time, Sanford and Son is memorialized with these Fred and Lamont FunkoPops.

While I loved the show, the actors and their performances, the very, very best thing about Sanford and Son was Quincy Jones' themesong, The Streetbeater.

I am fairly certain my father modeled his approach to parenting on Sanford and Son, with a healthy added dose of All In The Family.

You big dummy!

Funko Pop! TV: Sanford & Son - Fred Sanford, Multicolor via Amazon

Funko Pop! TV: Sanford & Son - Lamont Sanford, Multicolor via Amazon Read the rest

Funko's Lion Force Voltron is mighty

I hope Funko Lion Force Voltron is the only Voltron Funko makes!

I seriously can not remember the name of a single member of the Voltron Vehicle Force. That show was trash.

Funko Pop 6" Animation: Voltron-Voltron Collectible Figure via Amazon

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Funko's 'Jim Henson and Kermit' is pretty touching

Just seeing this FunkoPop of Jim Henson made me want to cry.

Funko POP! Icons: Henson - Jim Henson with Kermit via Amazon Read the rest

Funko's lovely Stan Lee tribute

If the Captain Marvel opening credits didn't tug your heartstrings enough, perhaps this marvelous Stan Lee Funko Pop will satisfy.

The only autograph I ever asked a celebrity for was Stan Lee. "Excelsior, Jason! Stan Lee" is on a 3x5 card around here someplace.

Funko POP!: Stan Lee via Amazon Read the rest

'Knight Rider' FunkoPop looks just like David Hasselhoff in a Trans Am

David Hasselhoff makes a fairly accurate FunkoPop.

At one of the many times American cars were regarded as nothing but awful, technologically backwards, fuel inefficient, rattle-y hunks of junk, the guys at Knight Industries introduced us to KITT; a crime fighting Trans Am with shitty mileage and too many plastic interior details. David Hasselhoff portrayed KITT's assistant, a washed up former cop turned corporate sponsored vigilante named Michael Knight. Now, the two are immortalized as a single FunkoPop!

Usually Funko-ized folks look odd, vacant, and not like themselves... but something about the Hoff just works.

Funko Pop Ride: Knight Rider - Michael Knight with Kit Collectible Figure via Amazon Read the rest

I really didn't want another Funko but then Ron Swanson

"Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets." --Ron Swanson

I really didn't want more of these in my home. My niece convinced me that having Ron Swanson in the house did actually make me cooler.

Make the addiction stop.

Funko Pop Television: Parks and Recreation - Ron Swanson via Amazon Read the rest

Sigh... I bought a 'Gene Frenkle and his cowbell' Funko Pop

Evidently, I have developed a fever. It seems the only solution is a Gene Frenkle Funko Pop. Read the rest

Your 80's nostalgia merch just got Precious

It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere these days without tripping over a Funko Pop. The vinyl toys have taken the pop culture world by storm, with characters ranging from Star Wars and Game of Thrones to Rick and Morty and RuPaul’s Drag Race. They’ve been referred to as “Precious Moments for Generation X,” and there could be some truth to that. Like Jason’s purchase of a single Mr. Rogers Pop, I once purchased a single Pop of Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy, with the intention of never buying any others.

300+ Pops later...

With all the madness surrounding Funko, Precious Moments decided it didn’t want to be left out of the nostalgia game. You remember what the figurines look like, right? Those sugary cute pastel colored ceramic figurines of little kids and old couples? Well, these figurines are coming straight out of Saturday detention. Cue Simple Minds.

My first reaction when I saw this was to feel very old. After all, The Breakfast Club is one of the defining movies of my adolescence, which doesn't feel that freaking long ago. The second was to see if I had any extra shelf space. Precious Moments also offers a set of Princess Bride characters and one of Marty McFly from Back to the Future. A Golden Girls set is rumored to be in the design stages. And speaking of the Golden Girls, the merchandise license to the 80’s NBC comedy is red hot right now. Just over the past few months, we’ve seen Golden Girls Monopoly, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Funko Pops and Dorbz, t-shirts and even hot sauce. 
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Mr. Rogers as a FunkoPop

I had to have the Mr. Rogers Funko. Read the rest