Brave boy stands up to man with confederate flag, tells him that it's racist

Caught on a the Nest camera of a man sitting on his porch, a courageous kid on a bike rides up to said man and says, "Can I ask you a question?" He then points to the man's flag – an American flag that has been desecrated with part of a confederate flag (which we see at the end of the video) – and says it should be removed. An argument begins, and the boy never misses a beat.

It starts with the man stating that his offensive piece of cloth hanging in front of his house is an American flag. "No it's not," the boy says confidently. "It's a racist flag."

When the man argues that "it's not a racist flag," the boy immediately counters with, "Yeah it is. I'm not stupid."

After more back and forth, the man says, "Why don't you actually YouTube what the flag actually represents… do your research before you come to me and sound like a fucking retard."

"Oh, I'm the fucking retard?" the boy responds.

"You're the one coming to me, telling me to remove a flag…. It's a flag, and it's not racist. Do your research!" the man shouts. "Maybe you should!" the boys says, before pedaling away on his bike.

The weird thing is, it's the man who posted this video on TikTok. And as an added bonus, as if to prove that he's not in the wrong, he tacks on a shot of his grotesque hybrid flag to the end of the Nest footage and says, "This is the flag the kid wanted me to remove – I see no problem with it."