Gentleman throws his used cups into a New York couple's yard for three years

An upstate New York couple, Edward and Cheryl Patton, found used cups in their front yard for three years but couldn't catch the mysterious litterbug, even after installing a camera in their tree. Then their neighbors got on the case, suspecting an elderly gentleman driving a minivan. They followed him and took down his license plate, and it turned out the man was someone Cheryl had worked with years earlier. Apparently she had disagreed with him on union issues and he'd never gotten over it. That's some grudge!

From AP:

Pope was charged with harassment and ticketed for throwing refuse onto a roadway.

"I found it very hard to believe that someone I knew would do something like that, especially at his age," Cheryl Patton told The News.

The Pattons said the littering has stopped since Pope was pulled over.

Image by pxhere / CC0 Public Domain