Fake Pfizer vaccines found in Mexico and Poland

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said on Wednesday that they've found two instances of fake Covid-19 vaccines being sold under their name. One of them, in Mexico, was sold to around 80 people for $1,000 a piece, according to the Wall Street Journal. The other, in Poland, turned out to be anti-wrinkle cream, but none of those shots actually made it into any arms.

The company released a statement, saying:

"Pfizer has identified counterfeit versions of its COVID-19 vaccine in Mexico and Poland," the statement said. "We are cognizant that in this type of environment – fueled by the ease and convenience of e-commerce and anonymity afforded by the Internet – there will be an increase in the prevalence of fraud, counterfeit and other illicit activity as it relates to vaccines and treatments for COVID-19."

via Business Insider

The statement also stressed that "no legitimate vaccine is sold online," and that they were working alongside legitimate healthcare, government, and law officials to combat the illegal sale of false vaccines.

Interpol said it confiscated thousands of vials of counterfeit coronavirus vaccine in raids earlier this year in South Africa and China. No fake shots have been discovered in the United States, according to the Department of Homeland Security. 

via Business Insider