Entitled American Karen loses her mind over eclipse viewpoint in Mexico

A viral video shows a rude and entitled U.S. woman flipping out because some audacious Mexicans dared try to access a public viewpoint in Durango to watch the solar eclipse on April 8th. Why? Because some sleazy officials apparently allowed her American tour group to "privatize" a public viewpoint, keeping Mexican residents from enjoying the event in their own country.

You can practically hear the whiny inner monologue: "But I'm an American! I deserve to experience other cultures undisturbed, without any of those pesky locals around!"

When locals showed up to take in the eclipse from this prime location, the outraged gringa went ballistic, yelling at a young Mexican girl in the video, shooting her mouth off in English assuming everyone understands.

"Not even a kindergartener behaves like this," the girl courageously told the ranting Karen. She's right — most 5-year-olds have more self-awareness and human decency than this ill-mannered gringa.

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