Meet Kilo, the tattooed Sphynx cat who was rescued after being seized in a prison raid

In February, 2023, Vice published a story about a tattooed Sphynx cat that had been found during a prison raid. They explain:

Authorities seized the cat, which appears to be of the Sphynx breed, with a "Made In Mexico" tattoo on one of its sides after a raid at the state prison Cereso No.3, in Ciudad Juárez. The tattoo is a symbol used by "Los Mexicles" prison gang. . . . 

The cat was found inside one of the cells belonging to a prominent Mexicles member, according to a government press release. The animal was rescued and turned over to the local animal shelter. 

I'm happy to report that the story has a happy ending for the poor tattooed cat, who is named Kilo. Last week, on the Sphynx subreddit, a Reddit user named "suffocatingsilence00", who is also the woman who adopted the kitty, told her story. Here's an excerpt from her post:

When I heard about him, I just knew I should at least try to adopt him. I have had Sphynx my entire life, 8 up until that point, and absolutely adore the breed. I am young, self-employed, and able to care for him fully so I just felt like it was my job to try to give him a safe home. I flew to El Paso the day after I read about him, and met with some officials in Juarez to plead my case. I explained my experience with and love for the breed and even wrote a letter to the President of Chihuahua promising to care for and love him better than anyone else could. And somehow it worked! Before I actually met him, they didn't give me any information on his temperament, health status, or personality. I was nervous to say the least because I already had another Sphynx at home and a small dog. But apparently I just used all my luck with him because he is the sweetest, snuggliest, and friendliest cat I have EVER met. When I met him he was absolutely filthy and totally emaciated. He had eye mucus buildup from infection, skin sores, and open wounds on his legs and paws. It was devastating seeing an animal that was so innocent in that state, but after a couple vet visits and rounds of medication he is the healthiest happiest boy ever. He bonded with my other cat so well and is warming up every day to my dog. It was a match made in heaven. Apparently I beat out 10,000 other applicants which feels like a sign from above that he was supposed to be a part of my family.

I'm so thrilled that Kilo has found a great home! To read more of Kilo's adoption story, check out the reddit thread, which also includes some photos of the adorable animal. Kilo also has an Instagram with plenty of photos and videos!