What commercial do you hate the most?

The 12-second ads on YouTube are unskippable. We are hard-pressed to ignore those sidebar retargeting ads for that loft bed you looked at once on Amazon. Then there is television (for those of us still toggling through myriad satellite and cable channels) with its jingles for life insurance and too-jaunty spots touting medication and harrowing side-effects; and Michael Bay-esque commercials for Burger King's new double-triple-bacon-cheese-chicken burger. You deserve a place to complain about it, and one of those places is r/CommercialsIHate.

While most of the forum is currently dedicated to that guy on the pier trying to sell life insurance, you'll also get the occasional jab at Reddit's own content as well as the occasional "positivity" post.

Some recent favorites (or "advertisements people universally despise") are:

The Liberty Mutual Cell Phone Guy:

An iPhone commercial featuring a generic K-Pop band:

And a Cheetos commercial I had mercifully forgotten until I was forced to see it again:

Along with videos and screenshots of peoples' least-favorite product pushers, the forum also hosts a few substantive discussions such as how corporate America is trying to monetize suffering during Covid and how lazy commercials have become. If you hate something, odds are someone hates it even more than you do, and they love taking to you about it.