Who is mysteriously shaving other people's cats without permission in Virginia?

In Waynesborow, Virginia, at least seven cats have been mysteriously shaved without their owners' permission. There have been no witnesses nor clues of the rogue groomer's identity. From the News Virginian:

Capt. Kelly Walker said cats owned by two separate Tree Streets residents have been shaved in the underbelly, groin and leg areas. He said it appears the shaving was done with a razor of some kind. The cats were not otherwise harmed, Walker said[…]

"The cats are wearing collars and are well-groomed," Walker said[…]

Walker said that if someone "sees someone bothering a cat that is not theirs," they should let the police know as soon as possible.

illustrative image (cropped): Dropdeadpretty (CC BY-SA 4.0)