Watch: MAGA folks now against Fox, getting all their facts from Tucker Carlson, Trump and Jesus

You know we're in trouble when the MAGAverse has even turned against Fox News for their facts. In this clip of John Klepper Fingers the Pulse: Into the MAGAverse, Jordan Klepper (of The Daily Show) interviews Trumpians to find out where they get their facts. And their answers are both hilarious and terrifying. Although adamant about "thinking for yourself" and not being a sheep, most get their facts not by reading the constitution, not by reading a newspaper, not by reading anything at all or even thinking, for that matter, but relying solely on what Donald Trump tells them. Well, a few do admit they also get some of their thoughts from Jesus and the MyPillow guy. And, admittedly, there are a couple of MAGA folks who, although they reject Fox, do still believe in the good work of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.