Watch LeVar Burton counter Meghan McCain's 'cancel culture' question

Somehow The View's Meghan McCain is still offended by the Suess Enterprises decision to stop publishing six books with racist and insensitive material in them. McCain, like many conservatives trying to paint the Left as overly sensitive schmucks trying to ruin America by myopically eliminating all that is Dr. Suess, avoids the fact that Green Eggs And Ham, The Lorax, The Sneetches, etc. are not going anywhere. Just the six racist ones, you twit! Remember when adult toddler Kevin McCarthy (R-Moronsville) inexplicably read Green Eggs and Ham as some kind of protest against evil-doers trying to take away his beloved book, and presumably his blankie next? No one is.

When trying to be outraged makes one dodge key facts about an issue and distort all understanding, it's probably too desperate even for Meghan McCain to think she's going to either 1. Find a like-minded ally in LeVar Burton and that he shares her misguided "cancel culture" views and trash talk Suess Enterprises, OR 2. Really stick it to LeVar Burton with a pointed question that will leave him stammering and blubbering in a corner, crowning her victorious. You really thought LeVar Burton wasn't going to answer with something thoughtful and informed? You clearly never watched Reading Rainbow, Ms McCain. Mr. Burton calmly explains "consequence culture" to someone who will still probably never get it.