Freak hail storms blow out car windows, blast through home roofs in Texas and Oklahoma

Large areas of Texas and Oklahoma were hit with freak hail storms Wednesday night, including 2-inch lime-size hail in many areas, 3-inch apple-size hail in Fort Worth and Norman, OK and even 4-inch hail the size of softballs in San Antonio. Cars weren't just dented, the way hail normally damages cars, but entire car windows were blown out (such as those in the images below). It even broke through house roofs, according to CNN.

"The hail damage yesterday could become yet another billion-dollar weather disaster for the US," said CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen. "This could be the second billion-dollar disaster this year in Texas, after the extreme Arctic outbreak back in February."

"Many times the storms impact more rural areas in this part of the country, but in this case the largest hail targeted large populated areas like San Antonio, Forth Worth and Oklahoma City, so more property was damaged," Hennen added.

North and west of Fort Worth, a strong storm also produced destructive hail.

Three-inch hail, which is equivalent to baseball or apples, was reported in north Fort Worth. It smashed car windows and likely caused roof damage.

So far there have been no reports of fleeing senators from Texas.