Pay what you want to explore the Adobe Creative Cloud with this training bundle

Asking someone to use the Adobe Creative Cloud apps is sort of like rooting for the house in blackjack. They already control the game, the game pieces, and most of the players, so why tilt the odds even more in their favor?

Well, the reason the Adobe fleet of digital creation apps is so ubiquitous and has been for three decades is that they work like gangbusters. And since 90 percent of the world's creative professionals agree, it's never a bad idea to have a firm grip on everything this ridiculously powerful suite of apps can do.

Thankfully, you can now come to that understanding while paying as little as possible by taking advantage of this Epic 2021 Adobe Creative Cloud Bundle of intensive digital training, all while paying the price you want to pay.

The collection includes eight courses with over 70 hours of training in covering how to get the most out of five of Adobe CC's most popular apps. Here's how it works: by offering to pay any price at all, you'll automatically receive a portion of this bundle. 

From how to set your own workspace and use the selection tools to fix image damage to more creative stuff like special effects, working with masks and layers, cutting difficult objects, and more, any learner can go from Photoshop newbie to pro with some study and effort.

That's what you get for paying even the lowest possible price. But by matching the average price already paid by other interested shoppers like yourself, you'll unlock seven additional courses to help you dive even deeper into Adobe CC. In addition, beating the top price places you on the leaderboard and enters you into a special giveaway. 

Further courses include training in the video editing magic of Adobe Premiere, the motion graphics wizardry of Adobe After Effects, the design capabilities of Adobe Illustrator, and the app creation talents of Adobe XD.

This is bedrock training that'll serve you well no matter what you do — and by paying your price, you'll get all eight courses for far less than the price of one on its own.

Prices subject to change.