Florida woman arrested after hurling Whopper in racist Burger King tirade

A 77-year-old woman from The Villages in Florida was charged this week with felony battery after flinging her Whopper sandwich and racial slurs at a Burger King employee, reports Meta Minton with The Villages News.

According to the Wildwood Police Department, Judith Ann Black was displeased by the thickness of a tomato slice served in the burger. She angrily confronted an employee at the Trailwinds Village Burger King, and began yelling at her. When the worker refused to discuss the matter unless the yelling stopped, Ms. Black threw the sandwich her way—with some racial slurs on the side.

"Shut up you black bitch," the Villager told the employee. Black proceeded to use the "N" word before storming out of the restaurant, the report said. The Burger King manager, a worker at Burger King and an independent customer all verified the employee's account of what happened. Video surveillance footage also corroborated what the employee told law enforcement.

Black was later arrested and released on a $2,500 bond.

The Villages is a sprawling elders-only community in central Florida that became embelmatic of tensions among Florida's conservative white boomers in the run-up to last year's general election.

There's no word on whether the tomato slice was too thin or too thick.