Is America a racist country? Watch Daily Show comedian hilariously Foxsplain the issue

Comedian Desi Lydic helps out The Daily Show by Foxsplaining why America is not a racist country. "I've been watching Fox News for 358 hours straight," she says, looking a bit crazy-eyed, "and I'm ready to do some Foxsplaining."

Lydic's GQP doppelgänger then nails the mindset of a Fox-indoctrinated viewer. "Absolutely absurd, Liberals!" "Would a racist country have a Black history month?" she says. "Show me in the history books where America has been racist – okay, not the first 98% of the book, but the end of the book."

She then channels Marjorie Taylor Greene with bogus "gotcha" questions. "I'll tell you what's racist. How come there's never been a white woman on the cover of Oprah's magazine? How can America be racist if it was the liberals who fired a hard working black woman from her job as a syrup model? If our country is racist, how do you explain that I have been kicked out of Whole Foods more than any Black person ever has?"

Lydic is hilarious right up to the end, when her expression changes from superior anger to complete bafflement after watching a clip of President Joe Biden saying, "I don't think America is racist," and VP Kamala Harris saying, "No, I don't think America is a racist country." After a moment of stunned silence, she immediately changes the subject. "Anthony Fauci is a vegan leprechaun."