Amazing chase: Florida man escapes police with stolen cop car, crashes, steals second cop car

A gentleman in Cocoa, Florida stole a police cruiser and sped away after cops confronted him about a reported "disturbance." After chasing him for a bit, cops force him off the road into a thick cluster of trees. The man, either in or near the car, is soon surrounded by cops… but somehow manages to escape, run to another police car, and even though cops rush to surround him, escapes for a second time (second escape starts at around 2:20). The way it's caught on video – a helicopter aerial view that is shooting the scene while flying past a tree – it comically looks like the car just disappears into thin air while the bumbling cops scramble to figure out what just happened.

The police eventually did catch up to him, and according to 6ABC, "was arrested and is awaiting charges."