Simple camera trick for cooler photos

Maybe you knew this one already and have been doing it for years, but I tried it and now I have a new option when taking pictures with my phone. I used an iPhone but I'm sure as long as your phone has the panorama feature to your camera yours will work just as well. Flipping your camera sideways while using pano and tracing your tall subject slowly upward gives a much cooler picture than the regular stand-back-and-snap composition.

I did it (a good looking model to use as a subject was unavailable) and it was as easy as the video shows. The camera even flips the photo for you so that it's immediately right-side-up for posting or texting…but not for emailing, which I tried. So, when emailing you have to do one extra step to fix it. What I like about camera_bro tips on Tik Tok is how quick and easy the videos show the non-photog types like myself how to take a better picture. I know, I know. You already knew all of this.