A gorgeous and intricate model of Howl's Moving Castle made out of trash

Back in August 2021, Gareth Branwyn here at Boing Boing shared this video documenting the creation of a replica model of Howl's Moving Castle by crafter and miniature model maker Studson, of Studson Studios. The model, which is made mostly out of trash and found objects, is simply amazing. Honestly, it looks like it could be used in a movie.

Well Studson didn't stop at the version of Howl's Moving Castle that walks. He also wanted to build the film's version of the castle that flies. So that's just what he did! Studson explains on the YouTube video documenting his process:

I made Howl's Moving Castle again, but it flies now?? It flies now. This time, with a much higher ratio of trash to gundam parts. This is part of an ongoing series where I craft various things from my favorite Studio Ghibli films.

The flying Howl's Moving Castle is smaller than the original one (it's built on a mayonnaise jar versus the larger kimchi jar of the original). The flying castle is just as intricate and impressive though. And like its larger counterpart, it's also made from trash and other discarded objects—including metal charms, camera parts, plastic bottles, craft foam, and more. 

For more of Studson's mind-blowing creations, follow him on YouTube, where he describes his work:

Hey, I'm Studson! I'm a crafter and model maker that likes building miniatures, models, and dioramas inspired by video games tv, and movies that I like. You'll find videos here walking through my creative process so you can build these things too, if you actually wanted to for some wild reason.