Watch small plane parachute to safety near Denver after midair crash with second plane

Two small planes crashed into each other in midair as they were about to land at a regional airport near Denver, Colorado. Miraculously, nobody was hurt. One plane crashed to the ground, breaking into two pieces (photo below), while the other plane used a parachute to make a safe landing.

From AP:

Both planes were getting ready to land at a small regional airport in a Denver suburb when they collided mid-morning, according to the National Transportation Safety Board and South Metro Fire Rescue.

"Every one of these pilots needs to go buy a lottery ticket right now," Arapahoe County Sheriff's Deputy John Bartmann said. "I don't remember anything like this — especially everybody walking away. I mean that's the amazing part of this."

The pilot was the only person aboard a twin-engine Fairchild Metroliner that landed at Centennial Airport despite suffering major damage to its tail section. The plane is owned by a Colorado-based company called Key Lime Air that operates cargo aircraft.

A pilot and one passenger were on the other plane, a Cirrus SR22 single-engine plane that unleashed a red and white parachute to float to a safe landing in a field near homes in Cherry Creek State Park, Bartmann said.