This $40 training can hone your skills as a certified AWS DevOps engineer

While cloud services platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are commonly regarded as a cloud home for housing all the news of an expanded business network all in one place, there's actually a lot more to AWS than users may realize.

For example, AWS is also a robust environment with a sizable collection of tools for helping companies develop and deliver apps and services quickly and reliably. All the same philosophies and processes that fuel a DevOps project in the real world are also available right through the AWS platform.

Of course, developers have to actually know how to use all those frameworks and tools, and The 2021 Complete AWS DevOps Engineer Certification Bundle is an all-inclusive course guiding IT pros to a full understanding and ultimately certification as a full fledged AWS DevOps Engineer.

Over 11 courses filled with more than 65 hours of intensive training, students get full exposure to everything needed in AWS to deliver frequent releases and updates always based on feedback and constant monitoring. 

From databases to cloud automation and beyond, this package includes everything a DevOps pro needs to know to ply their trade entirely in the AWS ecosystem. Courses include training in using some of the most powerful development tools in AWS, including Docker, Kubernetes, and more.

There's also coursework here in understanding AWS Lambda, a process for testing code in a serverless environment to spot potential bugs or other problems. Students are also introduced to the AWS CodePipeline and AWS Elastic Beanstalk services, which help map out the concept and design pipelines for any web application creations.

And while AWS is still the undisputed king of the cloud services platforms, this package also includes a healthy three-course subset in handling similar tasks in Microsoft Azure, including a closer look at everything from Azure cloud concepts to security concerns to using tools like Azure PowerShell to help speed along with the work.

The collection concludes with a pair of courses dedicated to helping learners pass the key AWS Solutions Architect Certification exam as well as the AWS Certified Database Specialty exam to prove true mastery over the DevOps process.

Each course in The 2021 Complete AWS DevOps Engineer Certification Bundle is a $200 value, but as part of this package, they're all available now for less than $4 each at only $39.99.

Prices subject to change.