All-girl rockers The Linda Lindas in talks to sign with Epitaph Records

2021 just keeps getting better and better for The Linda Lindas, the all-female garage punk band who rocked out in the Los Angeles Public Library. SPIN reports that they're seemingly signing with Epitaph Records:

The video of the song now appears on the YouTube channel of Epitaph Records, so it would seem that their signing may be imminent despite nothing official being confirmed as of yet. 

In an interview with The Guardian since, the girls have "clarified that they had been in talks with the label for months – and the signing wasn't yet finalized."

ICYMI, here they are in the library performing their breakout, now-viral hit, "Racist, Sexist Boy":

From the same Guardian interview:

The Linda Lindas are: Mila, 10; her sister Lucia, 14; their cousin, Eloise, 13; and their friend Bela, 16. Talking with them about the rise of anti-Asian racism during Covid and what drew them to garage punk, it was easy to forget that most members of the group had not even started high school.

"I hope the song empowers people who have been oppressed," said Eloise, who sings the chorus of the song, which she co-wrote with Mila (and in her library performance dedicated to "all the other racist, sexist boys in the world"). She added: "It's good because I get to scream a lot in it – all of the anger that builds up, it's good to let it out. It's really fun to perform."

"The song lets people know that they are not alone," added Mila, who plays the drums while shouting her section: "You say mean stuff / And you close your mind to things you don't like / You turn away from what you don't wanna see!"

A quick shoutout to Bay Area Girls Rock Camp. They empower girls—like Mila, Lucia, Eloise, and Bela—to have the experience of playing in a rock band. My pal TaggyLee has been volunteering at the camp since 2009 and writes, "During week long summer sessions, campers (ages 8-18) form bands, learn how to play an instrument, write an original song, and play a concert in front of a packed audience!" She's fundraising right now to send girls to the camp for free. If you have the means, drop a few bucks her way!

screengrab via Epitaph Records/YT