Palm reader arrested for scamming $71,000 to banish demon from victim's daughter

Palm reader Tracey Milanovich, 37, of Somerset, Massachusetts, was arrested for conning $71,000 out of a client in cash and property. According to police, Milanovich "convinced the victim that her daughter was possessed by a demon, and that cash and household items were needed in order to banish the spirit from her daughter." From CNN: […]

Oops! Gentleman who fakes a fall to collect insurance money is caught on surveillance camera

A sly gentleman working as an independent contractor thought he'd pull a fast one by faking an accident to earn some big insurance bucks. 57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky from New Jersey was at a job when he threw some ice cubes on the kitchen floor and then lay down on top of them, pretending he had […]

Border Patrol officer flashes badge to avoid getting fined for parking in the disabled spot; gets fined

Hurrah for the Sonoma County Sheriff deputy who took no guff from a Border Patrol officer who headed for a disabled parking spot at a NASCAR race— than flashed his badge when caught. Not everyone gets a ticket: sometimes they're just told to get lost. Sadly for this gentleman, his bully move earned a fine: […]

Classic video: James Randi exposes psychic fraudster

I watched An Honest Liar this weekend on Netflix. It's a Kickstarter funded documentary about James "The Amazing" Randi, the accomplished magician who became famous for exposing charlatans. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Before watching this I didn't appreciate Randi because he seemed crabby, but this documentary cleared up that dumb false […]

Comic books' real-life supervillain: psychiatrist Fredric Wertham

In the New York Times article about my research on psychiatrist Fredric Wertham, novelist Michael Chabon referred to the doctor as Ahab, obsessed with the white whale of comics. Well, if Wertham was Ahab, call me Ishmael. (Images: Seduction of the Innocent website) For anyone studying comics, Wertham is a difficult figure to avoid. A […]