Prosecutor convenes grand jury to hear Trump evidence

The Manhattan prosecutor overseeing a criminal investigation into Donald Trump has convened a grand jury to hear the evidence, reports The Washington Post (paywall), reports USA Today. Trump's alleged overvaluing of properties and obfuscation of debts in obtaining loans is the subject matter.

The convening of the grand jury indicates that [Cyrus] Vance believes he has a case against Trump or someone else in his orbit. Trump, who now lacks the immunity from prosecution he had as president and the power to pardon his allies, called the investigation politically motivated in a statement on Tuesday.

Perhaps a frisson of ego from a man already on his way out the door. I think it's foolish to have faith that establishment dinosaurs like these will nail Trump. They don't really care; they're not in it with that in mind. Consider Merrick Garland fighting Bill Barr's corner today; the need to defend the relevant privileges prevails over any pressure to hold Trump's courtiers accountable.

And even if an indictment comes, what is the most apocalyptic outcome for Trump? Pleading to a count of tax fraud. Better than nothing, sure, but those orange jumpsuit fantasies are not healthy.