The Twovet comforter might just solve you and your partner's bed disagreements

Lack of commitment. Constant arguing. Money woes. Those are all among the most common reasons that a relationship will fall apart. But there are plenty of smaller issues that take their toll as well. These smaller bricks in the wall may not seem like a big deal, but as part of a collective unhappy whole, even these seemingly minor points can drive couples to the brink of war.

Like when you're too hot in bed, while they're too cold. You may sweat like a pig under the big thick blanket your partner wants, even though it's not even to keep their teeth from chattering. Nobody ends up happy. Everybody ends up uncomfortable. That's why the makers behind The Twovet want to try to solve this age-old couples' problem with one tidy, simple solution. Just make a comforter that keeps the hot side cool and the cool side hot.

And yes, it really is that simple. While the Twovet Dual Heating and Cooling Couples Comforter looks like a normal piece of bedding, it's actually constructed with a pair of very distinct zones: a cool thin half and its warm, thick other half.

Filled with hypoallergenic down filling and made with a luxurious 100 percent pure white cotton cover that's soft and comfortable on your skin, the Twovet features a unique dual warmth design providing both partners with a good night's sleep. 

The warm side eliminates the need for extra blankets, while the cool side eliminates night sweats, hot flashes, and lets a body flush out the heat to help stay cool throughout the night. It's the single comforter that can bring the ongoing thermostat wars to an end. And thanks to its baffle box construction, the Twovet fill doesn't shift around, providing even warmth across each half of the comforter.

Both of you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with The Twovet Dual Heating and Cooling Couples Comforter, which is now $30 off with this offer, cutting the regular price of $199 down to just $169.

Prices subject to change.