Watch this stylish ska video about destroying the (literal) gender machine

In an April 2021 interview with SPIN Magazine, Reade Walcott of the ska band We Are The Union came out as a trans woman. The band also announced a new record, Ordinary Life, coming out June 4.

(Jer Hunter of Skatune Network fame, who is non-binary, is also a member of We Are The Union.)

The second single from the album, fittingly titled "Boys Will Be Girls," was released along with an utterly delightful music video (above) conceived and directed by Chris Graue (who filmed almost the entire thing on an iPhone). The video cuts between the band performing on cardboard instruments against a constricting white backdrop, along with a storyline set in a similarly stark institution, where people (including singer Reade Walcott) as forced to line up at a janky cardboard machine that arbitrarily assigns them a pink or blue gender milkshake to drink. In true sci-fi fashion, there is an inevitable uprising against the oppressive machine, culminating in an explosively colorful and wonderfully triumphant finale.

Music videos often go ignored these days (thanks, MTV), but this one is sheer joy.