Weekend Tunes: Enjoy Yourself (it's later than you think)

We made it through another week! I don't know about you, but I'm amazed. Between what we're doing to the planet, what our planet has started to do to us and what we all do to each other, every moment that you're drawing breath is a wee miracle. In the coming days, Donald Trump will be meeting North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un for a chubby tete-a-tete between a dictator and a wannabe. What could possibly go wrong?

Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think. Read the rest

Lollypop Lorry - a good Ska band from Russia

Lollypop Lorry plays old-schoolish Ska music. They're from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Their music is available on Bandcamp. Read the rest

"This is Ska" 1964 documentary

Tony Verity, a broadcaster at Radio Jamaica in the 1960s, introduces the music and dance moves of Ska in this star-packed show. The Maytals are my favorite of the line-up:

Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Jamaican Ska

Eric ‘Monty’ Morris - Sammy Dead-O

Jimmy Cliff - One Eyed Jack

Prince Buster - Wash Wash

The Maytals - Treat Me Bad

The Maytals - She Will Never Let You Down

The Charmers - So Marie

Stranger Cole - Rough ‘N’ Tough

Roy & Yvonne - Two Roads Before Me

The Blues Busters - I Don’t Know

Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Sammy Dead-O

Jimmy Cliff - King Of Kings

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Ska is the mother of reggae

Public Radio International aired this short audio piece on ska, the musical form that took off in the early 1960s, blending Jamaican jazz with American soul and rhythm and blues, and influenced numerous excellent bands, from The Clash and The Specials to No Doubt and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Read the rest