Multiplayer deathmatch Joust is where you may engage in multiplayer deathmatch Joust. Just jump in and start bouncing and jousting around. It's Joust, but feels weirdly like playing Defender after the planet explodes. Remember: higher wins. At Hacker News, creator Jason Kester writes:

Most of this code dates back to 1998, when I built a little 2 player Joust game to push the bounds of what you could do with Div (and at the time Layer) tags in the latest browsers such as IE4 and Netscape 3. Surprisingly, most of it still worked when I thawed it out recently, provided your browser knew about document.all. Over the weekend, I brought it up to date a bit and introduced it to Thus far it hasn't seen more than a dozen players at a time, so I'm curious to see what happens when a bunch of folks jump in at once. I'll stick around to answer questions (and likely post-mortem the bits that catch on fire).