The best Typewriter blog

I've recently been looking into buying an old-timey electronic or electrical typewriter, and quickly became lost in archives of ozTypewriter, a website from a more civilized age that's a) about typewriters, b) an actual blog, at blogspot, and c) actively and frequently updated by author Robert Messenger.

Some recent highlights include The Early Days of American News Agencies, complete with contemporaneous illustrations and in-depth research; Making Typewriter Desks, which includes old ads and plans for such as well as the historical context; and The Underwood Portable Typewriter That Rose from the Icy Depths of Peace River, Alberta, a tale from the days you could leave your machine in a river for an indefinite period of time and still expect it to work upon recovery.

Sometimes the typewriter angle is quite tenuous, but who wouldn't take any chance they can get to eulogize the discography of Neil Sedaka?