Worldwide art-n-seek event Game of Shrooms draws closer

One of the all-time highlights of 2020 for me was running around and finding mushroom-themed art that folks had hidden for Attaboy's Game of Shrooms. This free art-n-seek event returns Saturday, June 12, and this time I'm going to both make art to hide and forage for some. If you want to play, there's still time. Mushroom makers can submit their info and general location to the game's map. Mushroom foragers can look for the hashtags #shroomdrop and #gameofshrooms for clues on the day of the event. Right now and leading up to the game, artists use those same hashtags to show their works in progress.

It Is open to ALL artists everywhere, of all ages and notoriety . How To For Artists:

1. If you are participating, be sure to see my profile link to be added to the global map! Be sure to mention the neighborhood you are in too. And add a link to your Fb, IG or site so area folks can follow you. Unless you want to be mysterious..

2.Make painting or sculpture or other art. If you are doing little paintings, some like to add little sticks to the bottom of them in the back so that the art doesn't get dirty if placed near the ground. See @shroomdrop for examples of past years and previews.

3. Put your IG tag on the back and #shroomdrop#gameofshrooms if you can.

4. Plant or place art. Don't hurt nature or property. Avoid protected parks and trails! Do not hide in the woods. If it rains, you Can hide inside friendly Indy stores as well, if you ask they'll even help you often)

5.After you plant, take a few photo clues to post. I suggest a close up, then a wide shot, with a landmark of some kind visible (old church, sign post, etc) location tag helps if you are in a suburban area.
Don't hurt nature or property. #leavenotrace

6. Oh and be sure to hide it/them on June 12th Remember if they find it, they keep it! If they don't find it, you have to retrieve it.

To inspire you, here are the two pieces I scored last year. The first one I found is this terrific watercolor by Annie Owens:

Bay Area muralist Chris Granillo made the second one. Isn't it cool?

photo by Rusty Blazenhoff, images via Attaboy