Mom pretending to be 13-year-old student at daughter's middle school arrested

A 30-year-old El Paso, Texas mom who posed as a 13-year-old and pretended to be a student at her daughter's school has been arrested. Wearing a Marvel hoodie, tight jeans, large glasses and a face mask, Casey Garcia sneaked onto campus, sat in class, and ate at the cafeteria. She made it all the way to last period before finally getting caught and sent to the principal's office. She says she was testing school security by conducting a "social experiment," and it's interesting that she was able to get through almost a full day of school before someone realized she didn't belong on campus.

From the Daily Beast:

In a second video [below] Garcia explains that she was eventually caught and sent to the principal's office, and makes a number of complaints about the lack of attention seemingly given to in-person students in comparison to remote ones. "My integrity is being put on the line!" she says of the negative response her videos have garnered. "I'm no spring chicken," she acknowledges at one point. A third video [also below] shows law enforcement officers showing up at her home to arrest her. Garcia was reportedly booked on charges of criminal trespass and tampering with government records, as well as a traffic warrant from 2017.