Police Officer sued for flipping the car of a pregnant woman

Jacksonville, Arkansas police officer Rodney Dunn rammed the car of a pregnant woman who was visibly looking for a safe place to exit the freeway, complying with his flashing lights.

He is being sued.


As the highway shoulder reportedly was narrow where she was driving, she claims she began to move towards a exit ramp, however Dunn apparently wasn't satisfied with the pace at which she was responding and within two minutes of flashing his lights the officer conducted a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT), which involved hitting his front bumper into the left rear edge of Harper's car.

The move caused Harper to swerve across the road's three lanes before her car flipped upside down and came to a stop. In dashcam footage from the scene, Dunn can be heard reporting that Harper 'hit the inside wall' and 'rolled over', while smoke is seen rising from the car.

As the officer encouraged her to get out of the car, Harper cried out that she was pregnant and responded to say that she 'had [her] flashers on' when Dunn told her that she had 'got to pull over'.