Check out this 1987 Ringling Bros. instructional video on how to be a clown

Check out this 1987 Ringling Bros. instructional video about how to be a clown. The 1-hour, 20-minute video includes some pretty great tricks of the trade such as how to juggle, how to apply clown makeup, how to make balloon animals, and more, all done in the specific Ringling Bros. style of clowning.

The Ringling style of clowning was rooted in an American clowning style that utilized broad, slapstick humor, unlike the European style of clowning which was more subtle. The person who posted the video on YouTube was in the film when they were a kid.

From the video description:

(1987) A video I was in when I was 8. Instructors from the Ringling Bros. Circus Clown College demonstrate special make-up techniques used by some of the world's most famous clowns. Also includes juggling instruction. This came out in 1987 and is no longer available for sale except on some reseller sites.