Elementary school investigates custodian who dressed as a creepy clown and photographed himself in the building after hours

Employees of Broken Ground Elementary School in Concorde, New Hampshire were shocked to find that the school custodian had dressed as a creepy clown afterhours and photographed himself in various locations inside the empty building. Apparently he was entering a "clown contest" online with a $13,000 prize and had left sticky notes requesting staff support of his entry. He stated he was hoping to win the cash to fund his independent films and also for family expenses.

From Patch.com:

More concerning, though, were comments made by the employee online. In an interview connected to the contest, the custodian was asked which movie monster he related to. He called it a hard question because "I see myself reflected in many movie monsters but for many reasons." He then pointed to Jason Vorhees, the killer in the "Friday the 13th" series.

"(He) was one for being singled out and hurt by those around me due to my differences leading to moments of anger, rage, and what I see as self-defense," he reportedly stated.

The custodian also mentioned Frankenstein's monster, saying, "I never asked to be made the way I am and most (of) my life has been pain and rejection done against me by the mad scientist that made me…broken."

According to a complaint from another custodian at the school, the creepy clown was permitted to keep his job following the school district's investigation and "continued to post photos of himself while wearing Concord School District apparel — while also holding weapons, according to pictures from social media sites."